Lord Change My Son

by Rev. Oliver W. Price, Director of BPF

Lord Change My Son by Rev. Oliver W. PriceForeword written by Rev. William E. (Bill) Price


I HAVE BEEN BLESSED beyond measure to be born into a family where both my mother and my father were deeply committed to Christ. There was never a single moment in which I did not live in this awareness. This made my teenage years less of a struggle than they might have been.


During times when I would question their authority and we would be deeply divided, I never doubted they were doing what God had told them to do. My Dad is a man who has never stopped growing in Christ. He has steadfastly sought the Lord with his whole heart. This book is the story of how one man whose heart was open to God rescued his son from the path that leads to death.


It was simply not acceptable to my parents that any one of their children should turn from the ways of God. They never accepted turning away from God as simply going through a "rebellious phase." Sometimes parents take a "hands off" approach when their children are living contrary to the Word of God. Dad believes parents should never give up praying and acting in faith for their children.


That this book should revolve around prayer is no great mystery. In our family prayer is the way we get things done. My father and mother taught and walked this way of life. My dad was up early every morning getting things done by prayer. I saw him. He and my mother still pray together and are getting things done by prayer.


You will read in these pages how he and I together got some things done by prayer that were important to a teenager. The Lord did change me because of Dad's prayer for me and because he discovered and put into practice a new dimension of prayer. It was in fact Dad's prayer in this new dimension that rescued me.


Perhaps you are thinking of someone dear to you who needs spiritual rescue. And you have already prayed about it but there has been no change. Maybe you are thinking, prayer just doesn't get things done in your life and in those you love. You need to read this book. You can make the same discovery as Dad. You can learn that there is a dimension of prayer that is foreign to most believers today. Praying together with Christ present and in charge will change you and your loved ones. Prayer certainly changed my life and Dad's life, too. To God be the glory!

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Rev. Bill Price: BPF Associate Director and Web Pastor (2000-Present)

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