Our Mission

We are here to share with you how you can know God intimately and enjoy the abundant life He gives to those who seek Him. We want you to be one of our prayer partners. Together let's learn to pray prayers that really transform individuals, families, small groups and churches. We can even unite in prayers that will lead nations to repent like ancient Ninevah when Jonah warned them, "Yet 40 days and Nineveh shall be destroyed".

Our History

    W. E. Hawkins

    W. E. Hawkins

W. E. Hawkins: Founder and BPF General Director (1927-1961)

Bible Prayer Fellowship is the successor to Radio Revival. The late W. E. Hawkins started Radio Revival in 1927. His passion was revival in the churches. He was a man of prayer. You could not leave his office without praying with him. He worked closely with Dallas Theological Seminary and he trained many of the students in practical Christian service.


He sent many students to rural communities to preach in vacant school buildings. This was the only ministry these communities had. He also had a strong interest in building Christian homes. The organization published tracts, booklets and a wall motto to instruct Christian parents in leading family prayers and training their children to follow the Lord.


In 1957 he changed the name of the ministry to Bible Fellowship. This name was chosen because of close cooperation with other ministries, such as, Dallas Seminary, Dallas Bible College, Southern Bible Institute and Central American Mission.


W. E. Hawkins passed away in 1962 and Rev. Oliver W. Price was appointed as the new General Director. Rev. Oliver W. Price has continued as General Director until the present time. There have only been two directors in our 75 year history.


In 1997 the name was changed from Bible Fellowship to Bible Prayer Fellowship. This was done because united prayer in Christian homes and churches became the primary ministry. Rev. Oliver W. Price wrote a book The Power of Praying Together; Experiencing Christ Actively In Charge, published by Kregel in 1999. The late Dr. John F. Walvoord wrote the foreword. Bible Prayer Fellowship publishes monthly revival insights.


In 2000, Rev. Bill Price, son of BPF's General Director, Rev. Oliver W. Price, joined the staff as Associate Director and Web Pastor. Under his leadership, Bible Prayer Fellowship has greatly increased its outreach through its presence on the Internet with our own website. He also authors 3 e-newsletters to pastors, prayer leaders and believers wanting a deeper prayer life.


In 2002 Rev. Oliver W. Price wrote a 24 page booklet Whatever Happened To The Tie That Binds. This ground breaking booklet presents the urgent need to establish marriages that last a lifetime. The special feature of this booklet is a unique message on how to establish and maintain unity in marriage through praying together. The booklet offers a basis for unity and a commitment to seek help if unity is threatened.

Rev. Oliver    W.  Price

Rev. Oliver    W.  Price

Rev. Oliver W. Price: BPF General Director (1962 - 2017)