Lesson 8: Prayer And Becoming The True Church Of The Gospel | Answers

The world is saying, "By what ___AUTHORITY____ do you Christians preach to us?

Set your own house ___IN___ ___ORDER____. Then we may want to ___HEAR____ what you ___SAY____.

Trying to lead boys to Christ in a church where the men were not ___MODELS____ was a ___LOSING____ battle.

They believed Christ __ROSE___ from the __DEAD___ but they did not see what that had to do with the ___GOSPEL____.

We need to call people to faith in the light of Christ's __RESURRECTION__ and His position of ___POWER___.

The preaching of the gospel should turn people from ___DARKNESS___ to ___LIGHT___ and from the ___POWER____ of Satan to ___GOD____.

When Paul prayed for Christians' love to ___ABOUND____.

Without __DISCIPLINE___ a church loses its ___MORAL___ compass.

Discipline in the church will ___RESTORE____ some backsliders and ___REMOVE___ others.

To harbor known rebels in our ranks ___VIOLATES____ our loyalty to Christ, our Head.