Lesson 12: The Heartbeat Of A Live Prayer Meeting | Answers

The life of a prayer meeting is the ___LORD___ ___JESUS___ ___CHRIST___ ___HIMSELF___.

The leader ___PRAYED___ for the prayer meeting ahead of time.

After a brief beginning, the meeting divided into small ___GROUPS___.

Then they came back and all prayed ___TOGETHER___. The small group helped some ___WARM___ ___UP___ for prayer.

Never pray ___AROUND___ a circle because some would feel obligated to ___PRAY___ ___ALOUD___ and they are not ready.

Encourage prayers not longer than ___5___ sentences. Prayers of ___1___ sentence are fine. When we pray in one accord our many ___SENTENCE___ prayers may become __ONE__ group prayer to which many have contributed.

Pray for the ___SPIRITUAL___ ___LIFE___ of the congregation.

Pray for ___FULFILLMENT___ of the great commission.

Pray for ___EVANGELISM___ in your community.

Pray for __ALL__ who are in ___AUTHORITY___ in government.

Close the prayer meeting by sharing ___ANSWERS___ and by listening to what ___GOD___ is saying to others in the group.

Close with a song of victory.