Lesson 9: When Christ Is Not In Charge... | Answers

The young woman who called was living in a ___MORAL___ ___WILDERNESS___.

The church that ___FIRED___ their pastor to please a wealthy donor was living in a __MORAL__ __WILDERNESS___, too.

"We're so well ___ORGANIZED___, we could continue on for __6____months without the __HOLY__ __SPIRIT___ and never even miss Him."

Christ was ___OUTSIDE___ the Laodicean church and no one had __MISSED___ Him. Outwardly they were doing __WELL__, but Christ said He would __VOMIT___ __THEM___ out of His mouth.

___MULTITUDES___ of professed Christians have abandoned the ___POWERFUL___ love relationship Christ died to give us. We must be satisfied with nothing less than __CHRIST-__ ___CENTERED___ faith and ___FELLOWSHIP___.