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With Christ in the School of Prayer - Sources


  •  "What Prayer Is," the first chapter of Prayer by O. Hallesby. This book is a classic which has been reprinted since 1931 by various publishing houses.

  • The chapter on "The Praying Local Church," pages 94-106 in Outgrowing The Ingrown Church by C. John Miller, Zondervan, 1986, tells how a pastor started prayer meetings with the King present and actively leading and the powerful role these prayer meetings had in his church.

  • Flames of Freedom, by Erwin W. Lutzer, tells what happened when a church earnestly prayed. It is distributed by Canadian Revival Fellowship, Box 584, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4P3A3. Phone 306/522-3685.

  • "How Christ Came To An American Church," is in the appendix at the close of this Leader's Guide. This is just a brief look at a powerful work of God. If you can buy or borrow a copy of an old out of print book, How Christ Came To Church, the Spiritual Autobiography of A. J. Gordon, by all means do so! This book tells how Clarendon Street Baptist Church was revived from spiritual death and transformed when Adoniram J. Gordon woke up to the fact that Christ really does come to church and is ready to take charge if we will only trust Him to do so. Some seminary libraries have this gem.

  • Discipling in the Church, Recovering a Ministry of the Gospel, by Marlin Jeschke, Herald Press, 1988. This book explains the good that can come through godly church discipline. The final chapter is on "The Rule of Christ".

  • Revival Insights, published by Bible Prayer Fellowship, P.O. Box 810718, Dallas, TX. 75381, is mailed free each month to those who request it. This publication tells how God transforms churches, families, and individuals in answer to earnest prayer.

  • Study prayer in Nave's Topical Bible. Note especially passages on prayer meetings.

  • Read II Chronicles chapters 6 and 7. Notice the need for the temple (God's house of prayer) where the believing community could come together to meet God, resolve their conflicts and restore the nation when it went astray.

  • Think about the need to unite as a believing community to meet with God. Do any New Testament passages come to mind? Record these prior to your class and be prepared to share them.

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