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With Christ in the School of Prayer - What Others Are Saying

What Others Are Saying about the Leader's Guide for Praying with

Christ: Obviously Present and Actively in Charge

"The Leader's Guide looks good to me. Undoubtedly as you use it in seminars you will receive feedback that will result in your polishing it, as is common with workbooks such as yours. There is nothing that I noticed that I would urge you to modify now.

As I mentioned, my students who participated in your seminar felt that it was very profitable to them. Several of them mentioned that they appreciated your sharing your personal struggles with prayer."

Dr. Thomas L. Constable

Professor of Bible Exposition and Director of Doctor of Ministry Studies

Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas


"This book will encourage us to approach Christ in faith with the recognition that His presence is both personal and powerful. Here we are reminded that Christ is waiting to meet us at the throne of grace in prayer. Answers are to be expected!"

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer

Senior Pastor of The Moody Church, Chicago, Illinois


"The way in which you have researched and laid out, Praying With Christ Obviously Present and Actively In Charge, is very insightful and intriguing. It gets to the heart of prayer! It communicates the heart of our Lord towards His longing to talk with us."

Rev. Roger T. Goodson

First Baptist Church, Knoxville, Iowa


Just a note to indicate that Leader's Guide for Praying With Christ Obviously Present and Actively in Charge has been a blessing to both myself and the leaders of my church. We highly recommend the work to others.

"... the basic concept of Christ actively leading His church is necessary for the survival of the Church in America."

Dr. Robert A. Hanson

Chaplain of Plymouth Correctional Facility

Pastor of Bible Baptist Church, Plymouth, Massachusetts

"We have found the Leader's Guide for Prayer to be helpful in the following ways:

  1. It has allowed us to focus on the essence of continued revival in our church.

  2. It has helped us to go beyond the mystical emotional sense to practical application.

  3. It has given to me, as a pastor, a logical sequence in which this truth can be presented."

Pastor Joe C. Humrichous

Pastor of many years, and now current general director of Bible Prayer Fellowship.


"In my personal library I have quite a number of excellent books on the subject of prayer. None of these has the clear focus that Rev. Oliver W. Price's study has - to strengthen the praying of believers who gather as a group to seek the Lord. Let's face it, praying can become routine, and we can easily use "vain repetition" with the same phrases and cliches. Oliver gives instruction that teaches a group of believers to pray expecting the present and listening Lord to do something!"

Pastor Ken Rogers

Lewisville Bible Church, Lewisville, Texas

"I really appreciate your book "Praying with Christ Obviously Present and Actively in Charge". We are considering using it in a Bible study group on Monday nights."

Chaplain Robert C. Thomas

State of Maryland Correctional Service, Baltimore, Maryland

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