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Introduction: Course Overview for Instructors

Session 1: "Jesus—Yes! Christianity—No!"

Key points:

  • Something's wrong with American Christianity

  • Religion is popular, but superficial

  • We need prayer that changes lives


Session 2: "True Prayer Defined"

Key points:

  • True prayer opens doors to our deepest needs

  • Why Christ seeks permission to come in

  • Christ wants to be completely at home

Session 3: "The Four Keys of Effective Prayer" 

Key points:

  • Claim the presence of Christ

  • Trust Him to take charge

  • Be willing for Him to change you/bring you into harmony

Session 4: "Claiming the Presence of Christ" 

Key points:

  • Why we need to seek Christ's presence

  • Paul's prayer for Christ's presence & work

  • How Christ came to Alliance, Nebraska

Session 5: "Asking Christ to Take Charge" 

Key points:

  • How Christ took charge of a divided church

  • Why it is vital for Christ to take charge

  • We must be alert to His "silence"


Session 6: "Receiving the Gift of Repentance"

Key points:

  • Why we need to become "Repenters"

  • Repentance in the church in Acts

  • We need days of prayer

Session 7: "Being Led into Harmony" 

Key points:

  • The original harmony of God and man

  • Harmony destroyed by Adam's fall

  • Harmony/Integrity restored through prayer

Session 8: "Prayer & Becoming the True Church" 

Key points:

  • The Church...a form of Godliness...

  • Claiming life-changing power!

  • Exercising power/authority through prayer

Session 9: "When Christ isn't in Charge..."

Key points:

  • Moral chaos reigns in the Christian world

  • How the church loses its moral authority

  • When Christ leaves and no one notices...

Session 10: "Becoming True Worshippers" 

Key points:

  • God is seeking ones to worship Him only

  • God's three exclusive claims on your life!

  • Love, trust, serve God with all your heart

Session 11: "Praise: Releasing Faith"

Key points:

  • Praise/Thanksgiving "reverse" trials

  • Thanksgiving—it's submission with joy!

  • The Goal of the Bible: Enthronement

Session 12: "The Heartbeat of a Live Prayer Meeting"

Key points:

  • The Life of your Prayer Meeting

  • Warming up in small groups

  • Your heart-cry...Paul's battle-cry

A Special Note to the Instructor: It is your preparation before the class, before the Lord that will really determine the success of this course! We are, of course, ready to help you in any way that we can—just give us a call. But let the following verse be your guide as you prepare to teach this so very vital subject to your people; make it a matter of earnest prayer:

"And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as unto the Lord and not unto men; knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ."

Col. 3:23-24

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