Lesson 7: Being Led Into Harmony With Our Father In Heaven And With Each Other


Integrity is "Uprightness of character" and "the state of being complete or undivided." To integrate is "To bring together in a whole; fit together; unify." So then uprightness of character is fitting our lives together so as to share the complete life of God in Christ. We must take our place under the authority of Christ as members of His body. We are complete as we fit into our place under Christ and the Father.

  1. The original harmony of God and man
    1. All creatures were originally __________________ under God.
      1. Adam and Eve shared the unity of ____________________ in God.
      2. They shared God's _______________ and __________________.
    2. They also shared the __________________ of __________________.
      1. In love they always __________________ God.
      2. Their obedience to one Father resulted in __________________.
      3. They shared life in the _________________ family of God in heaven and in earth.
      4. Love is a __________________.
      5. The unity of love can be __________________________.
  2. Harmony destroyed by Adam's fall
    1. Sin _____________________ the first couple from God.
    2. Sin gave Satan the right to _____________________ them.
    3. Adam and Eve were ______________________.
    4. Adam's offspring were all ____________________.
    5. The law of _______________ became the law of ______________.
    6. Cain _________________ Abel.
    7. _________________ filled the earth.
  3. Harmony and integrity restored through prayer
    1. Christ conquered all the ____________________ of our soul.
    2. We must choose to identify with Christ through _______________,________________ and ____________________.
    3. Christ prayed that all believers may be __________________ as He and the Father are _____________. (John 17:1)
    4. The church began __________ _____________ ________________ in prayer (Acts 1:14-15).
    5. After ____________ years of intensive prayer, the Ebenezer Baptist Church experienced amazing ______________________ and unity.
    6. Our unity of faith, love and obedience must be kept ______________and ____________ daily.
    7. We must meet together in prayer regularly aiming to keep our _______________ of _______________ with God and one another _______________ and _______________
    8. This is crucial for our __________________ as children of God.