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Prayer Conference - Success of a Church

How is a Prayer Conference Vital to the Success of a Church?

Helping Churches Achieve True Success

What is Success?

George MacDonald said, "Whatever man attempts without God will fail miserably or succeed even more miserably". Churches with large crowds, wealth, innovative programs, state-of-the-art technology - even sound doctrine - without Christ are still not acceptable to God. As believers we do not fear the fire of hell but we should fear the fire of heaven because all of our attempts to make church happen will be tried by fire. (I Cor. 3:11-13)


Is There a Problem?

Yes, many churches today are weak and unfruitful. They are led by discouraged or burned-out pastors who do not know what to do. They are full of embittered people who are unwilling to forgive each other. Out-of-balance theology, moral failure in leadership, and power struggles leading to church splits are commonplace. Basic scriptural principles such as unity, genuine love, and service are non-existent. Prayer, evangelistic and revival meetings seem trite and old-fashioned.


Is There an Answer?

Yes, there is hope for all! We believe the paradigm for success in ministry is Christ obviously present and actively in charge of His church when it meets together for prayer under His authority. He also becomes the platform on which a church can solve its conflicts. Welcoming His presence is the only way for our churches and families to enjoy something of the life of heaven here on earth. We believe AM. Tozer's article, The Waning Authority of Christ in the Church, accurately describes the root problem in many churches. BPF exists to restore the authority of Christ in His Church.


We Want To Help


BPF wants to help every church proclaim Christ as supreme, sufficient, and satisfying.

  • I am available to come to your church or ministry meeting of any size and teach the authority of Christ.

  • Additionally, BPF can serve you with a personal ministry consultation.

We are helpers of your joy and serve to return the church to her first love.

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