Our History

Rooted in Christ

Bible Prayer Fellowship is the successor ministry to Radio Revival, established by Dr. W. E. Hawkins, a circuit riding preacher in west Texas.  He completed his post-graduate work at Vanderbilt University Seminary, Moody, and Princeton in the mid 1920’s. He loved the Lord, the Scriptures, and common people. He refused to go along with liberalism and preached the Gospel wherever he could, giving up prestigious positions he could have had within his denomination. He was ostracized by its hierarchy because of his beliefs in the fundamentals of the faith. The bishop refused to assign him to a church, but his security was in his God. 









Brother Hawkins, as he preferred to be called, was led by the Lord to begin Radio Revival, an independent faith ministry, in January 1927. He strongly believed in operating by prayer, faith in God, and depending on the daily faithfulness of God for his life and ministry, His contracts with radio stations were guaranteed by the promises of God, even when he had no money for a required deposit. Under his signature on the contract with KRLD, a major station, he wrote John 3:16. He believed that because God SO loved us that He gave us His Son, then God would also provide for every need. That was exactly what happened - often at the last minute - but sufficient for the need.

The emphasis of Radio Revival was the revival of God’s people, and evangelism of the unsaved. Over the years, Brother Hawkins used all means possible for spreading the Gospel and reviving the Church. He used daily radio broadcasts, fairs, rodeos, camps, and literature distribution in the US and abroad.

He sent many students to rural communities to preach in vacant school buildings. This was the only ministry these communities had. He also had a strong interest in building Christian homes. The organization published tracts, booklets and a wall motto to instruct Christian parents in leading family prayers and training their children to follow the Lord. In this process, they planted several churches, prayer meetings, schools, and other Christian ministries in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Radio Revival began and continued through prevailing prayer by Brother Hawkins and his co-workers. In the early 1950’s, he brought on staff Rev. Oliver W. Price as his assistant. In 1957 the organization name was changed to Bible Fellowships, Inc. to reflect the varied ministries of the group and the close cooperation with other ministries, such as, Dallas Seminary, Dallas Bible College, Southern Bible Institute and Central American Mission.

W. E. Hawkins passed away in 1962 and Rev. Oliver W. Price was appointed as the new General Director. He continued as general director until 2003, when he assumed the role of Director Emeritus while also serving as a pastor in north Dallas.

Like Brother Hawkins, Oliver Price was a firm believer in prayer. Preaching from John 15, Oliver quoted Christ’s words, “Without Me you can do nothing.” Oliver said, “I can do a lot of activity, but apart from Christ it will be absolutely nothing of lasting spiritual value.” Like Hawkins, Oliver’s life and ministry was bathed in prayer.

In 1997 the name was changed from Bible Fellowship to Bible Prayer Fellowship. The focus became that of promoting united prayer among churches, their leadership, families, and individuals, Ensuing revival is to be under the presence and direct leadership of Christ Himself.

In 2000, Rev. Bill Price, son of BPF's General Director, Rev. Oliver W. Price, joined the staff as Associate Director and Web Pastor. Under his leadership, Bible Prayer Fellowship has greatly increased its outreach through its presence on the Internet with our own website. He also authored and compiled e-newsletters called, ‘Revival Insights’, for pastors…etc.  These monthly devotionals are available upon request of a free subscription to ‘Revival Insights.” 


In 2003 Bill Price was appointed as the third General Director of Bible Prayer Fellowship.  He continued the ministry until 2016 when he and his father, Oliver Price, both went to be with their loving Lord, Whom they had served faithfully for many years.”  

In 2014 Wesley Smith joined BPF as the Dallas office manager.  He now serves as web pastor and administrator in Dallas, TX.  He and his assistant, Joia Noel Lucht, utilize the internet tools such as emails, Twitter, the BPF Blog, Facebook, and our BPF web page in this ministry that God raised up, beginning in 1927.

In the Fall of 2016, Rev. Joe Humrichous was chosen to lead BPF as General Director and President.  A minister for 50 years, Pastor Joe was mentored by Oliver Price, and has experienced amazing revival in his churches, learning what it means to pray, live, and minister under the active Headship of Christ, in united prayer with other believers.


Brother Joe works closely with his team in Covington, Indiana in directing the growing outreach of BPF to pastors and Christian workers in North America.  He has created 12 videos, 5-7 minutes each, entitled, “The Mindset of a Praying Church.”  Also created are videos based on his book:  ‘Christ as Lead Pastor’. All of these videos are linked to this website through the BPF blog, and also on the Paradigm One website, produced in Indiana.