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Prayer Conference Highlights

Prayer Conference Highlights

Allowing Christ to Build His Church

How can we allow Christ to build His Church and still maintain responsible leadership?


Jesus Christ Obviously Present and Actively in Charge

Who is Christ and how does He minister in His Church!


Our Heavenly Father

How do we know that Christ is actively pastoring His church from heaven today?


The Fellowship

What is the Biblical solution to the conflicts that too often break out in the local church?


Subtle Substitutes for Jesus

How can our church grow madly in love with Jesus?


Eating the Bread of Life

What is the first and primary work, of the church?


First-Generation Christians

How can I lead my children to experience the power and presence of Jesus?


The Power of Praying Together

Why is corporate prayer strategic to God's power in the church?


The Forsaken Assembly

Why should a believer be intentionally in the corporate prayer life of his church?

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